Providing design, installation, and maintenance services for over three decades, the eLifespaces’ goal is to make the technology in your lifespaces – intuitive, invisible, and incredible.


Audio with professionals… achieving clarity, focus, envelopment, dynamics, and response.
Many choices! Systems for every budget and lifestyle.


Do not accept “out-of-the-box” performance. A great picture addresses dynamic range, color saturation, color accuracy & colorimetry, detail and resolution.


Security – Evolved. Offering “peace-of-mind” through the sale, service and monitoring of electronic systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications.


An experienced programmer can offer a wealth of control possibilities, ease-of-use, versatility, convenience and decision-making capabilities in creating a well-designed control system.

Special Services

The delivery and on-going support of technologies is arguably the most complex set of objectives in any project. The rising level of importance to owners regarding the delivery of these technologies requires more specialized services.


Whether constructing, remodeling, or retrofitting, the design and installation of systems are created around the owner’s desires and functional requirements as well as the architectural elements and interior design objectives.

(Not available at Sam’s, Costco or Best Buy)

The Team.

The principals have numerous years of direct experience in construction, electrical contracting and technology. Their combined resources provide incredible synergistic approaches to system installation procedures and project management.



Welcome to our log of the web and video activity happening all around us. The areas of interest are centric to the many electronic, electric, and security industries in which we are involved.

Fish Sandwich

Jimmy's Traffic Cam report - unedited.

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Radio Shack's Sad End

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Smartwatch wants?

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The eLifespaces’ mission is to provide our customers and strategic partners with technologically innovative products and value-added services that make safe and enrich their lifespaces.