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Core Competencies


Often a direct reflection of the chairman and CEO, the boardroom and executive conference rooms are a company's showcase.

Equipped with the most advanced technology and best audiovisual systems, these rooms reinforce the senior staff in conveying the company's message.

Serving as both a stage and an auditorium, system failure is not an option when:

  • The Board of Directors discuss company strategy
  • Division heads report on plans and results
  • Senior staff hold meetings to consult on programs
  • Dealers hear the company's message
  • Allied firms visit to consult and coordinate strategies and actions.
eLifespaces Boardroom

"When we moved into our new offices, we relied on elifespaces to provide advice in the design of our training and conference rooms. They took care of everything! They ordered the equipment and installed it, and found us computer-friendly furniture for our training room. The installation was seamless. We now have a state-of-the-art training facility thanks to the elifespaces team!"

- Sally Thackston
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