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Core Competencies

Damage Assessment

The National Lightning Safety Institute determined...

  • 4 CG flashes/km2/yr/average
  • House is 10 X 20 m2 = 1200 m2
  • Direct strike to house when lightning hits within 10 m
  • Predicted strike (1200 X4)/1 000 000 = 4.8 X 10 -3 or once ea. 200 years
  • Therefore - 1 out of 200 house will be struck per year.

Lightning strikes are an inevitable part of the weather in the South. These high-voltage surges invade your structure through telephone lines, power lines, and sometimes, even your cable TV line.

If you have suffered an unfortunate event, eLifespaces performs Visual Inspection and Field Performance Testing of Electrical / Electronic Components / Systems and Low Voltage Cabling. Documentation of the findings will be presented at the conclusion of the inspection. Fees for this service are based on an hourly rate.

Damage Assessment

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