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Core Competencies

Home Theater

Home Theater characteristics...

  • The room's main purpose is for viewing movies, musical performances, sporting events, as well as high-end video gaming activities. It is a dedicated theater room.
  • The room design is performed once the seated positions have been identified. All room elements are focused in regards to the seated positions.
  • The seating is very specialized. It is fixed, commonly in multiple rows and with risers, similar to the seating in conventional theaters.
  • This room does NOT follow "open floor plan" characteristics. It can be closed off in order to control outside influences of light and sound.
  • The room has a video display screen size based relative to the seated positions.
  • The sound system has been properly aligned with the primary seated position to provide accurate reproduction of audio content.
  • The lighting is controlled when the room is in use.
  • Technical calibrations to video and audio signals have been performed to provide the BEST visual and listening experience.
  • A home theater is luxurious, and very unique to its owner.

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