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Let's Begin

Excited about your upcoming project!

Ensure that your excitement continues
long after the day you move in.

Great projects begin with the end in mind. Security, Control, Theaters and High-Definition Displays/Televisions are just a few of the technology options better addressed with an understanding of the customer's individual desires.

Make sure...

  • You have explored "what's out there!"
  • Your builder will deliver the infrastructure that allows you to have these technological amenities
  • Your builder's technology subcontractors have the training and certifications to deliver
  • You have a set of standards by which you can determine if everyone involved has performed to your expectations
System Design

I would like to say that I have been very pleased with the technical knowledge and ability of the team at elifespaces. They know their products and are able to put the best systems together for the satisfaction of a customer. I would recommend them to anyone and I plan to use them on future electrical projects where we can operate as a team.
Larry McKinney - Chairman, ElDeCo, Inc

Product News

Samsungs Curve

Samsung\'s folded two of its new TV notions into one set, announcing the world\'s first curved Ultra High Definition TVs
Sonance Expands

From the group that pioneered invisible speakers...
Prima Cinema

PRIMA Cinema enables you to redefine movie night by watching just-released Hollywood films from the comfort of your home.
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